Friday, 4 April 2014

Wilhelmshaven, home and back to DE

Wilhelmshaven the other night was a super evening...
...had a wee look around the docks and water.... very black-coloured it was... not sure if this is a soil thing... or indeed oil! ( I assume in Germany of all places, it is not pollution...)

We sang again, as last year, in the Christus- und Garnisonkirche - beautiful to sing in, but we delivered the full Best of British show ... and the audience were a delight... full to the brim - Hooray!

Came home to the ignominy of our cricket side losing to The Netherlands in the world T20 tournament... oh dear oh dear... not a surprise perhaps after our winter that we cannot beat part-timers... The Netherlands clearly can play, but our guys do this for a living!

Now back in Germany, we are joined by pianist Gareth Hunt, who like me had much of his early musical upbringing in Croydon; lots of mutual friends and memories to discuss.  Greta to have him with us for the next few days...

Last night we started in Winsen / Luhe - bijou place in which to perform, and lovely atmosphere...
...fine flag-waving and singing of Land of Hope & Glory at the end from everyone!

Four more to come:
Minden, Wunsiedel, Philippsburg & Frankfurt-Hoechst... (this last one a Madrigal to McCartney gig)
Best of British all the rest of the time!

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