Friday, 11 April 2014

David de Warrenne RIP

Very sad to hear news of the death yesterday of my old teacher, David de Warrenne.

A glorious pianist (as happy reading figured bass, jazz chords as classical - and so accomplished at each), and an inspirational teacher to generations of pupils at Trinity School, Croydon from early 70s till just recently.
Another retiree denied a long retirement.

Also he was the most fabulous arranger - and I was lucky to sing so many... the amazing One More River, which I always reckoned should be published immediately... DdeW told me that as it was for huge double/triple SATB choir and piano duet the main problem was that only one bar could be printed per page (especially as US vocal scores are a bit smaller than UK)! 
So it was utterly impractical - I have, however, sung many large scores which did not appear to warrant publishing... Such a loss to music that others cannot share in it!

Then there was his fleshing out of a radio competition winner Be Nice to each Other (renamed Ben Ice toe ach o.t. her, so as not to embarrass the members of the choir) which aired on LBC...
...and once he'd started, the DW choir was born; decades of many wonderful arrangements flowed from him... especially Christmas slush... all in the best possible taste... & with remarkable piano accompaniment... on Radio, TV, concert platform and CD.

We asked him to do some things for us... all amazing... 'Round Midnight  from A Tribute to Hollywood, musings on Misty (over 6 minutes long - performed on Radio 3), What I did for Love & the splendid Crytearia (another pun-filled title, mashing together Willow Weep for Me, Cry Me A River, Flow My Teares & Weep O Mine Eyes) - quite brilliant Renaissance / Jazz fusion.

Thanks for all, David - you will be greatly missed by so many...

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Anonymous said...

could not agree with you more, Mark, an inspiration to generations. And, after all, how many people do you meet in life who studied all of Brahms with Julian Katchen! so much missed. Karl (Lutchmayer)