Monday, 28 February 2011

Studio days #2 & #3

Two more excellent days.... added to our list of guests on previous post were our great friend Jonny Knowles, who is very interested in this project, who took photos of us all day, and also the splendid Rory Bremner, who had us in stitches for an hour. We are going to have to leave lots of his stuff on the cutting room floor... we'll just have to find a way of using it... he was excellent.
I won't spoil anyone's fun by saying what he did, but as it is a cricket CD... perhaps it can be guessed!

It's going very well.... just one more track and a few extras to go... and we'll be there!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

new CD: Studio Day #1

Marvellous day in the Hall at Air studios...
Got lots done, accompanied by the indefatigable Chris Hatt on piano.... had the ever-hilarious Richard Stilgoe as a guest for a few songs, and even managed a few bits of a cappella.

We have the excellent Nigel Short producing...and he was firm but fair; so we achieved a great deal.
We had Jake Jackson as Recording Engineer helping us too.

Our album is our cricket compilation, and so the slendid cricket maestro, David Rayvern Allen, was also in attendence.

Our new manager, Robin Tyson and his assistant, Katie Hickey added to the party atmosphere.
Robin and David joined us in a rousing chorus of Jerusalem...[no more clues, you'll just have to buy it and listen in the Summer].

More guests in the next few days, Eliza Lumley singing with us and Alex L'Estrange playing bass and piano... and helping us with his tremendous arrangement...

Many thanks to Steve Long and Signum Records for this opportunity.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Noise in Noisiel

Ah yes, I forgot to mention.... we performed in France after a little while away from it.
Noisiel, quite near Disneyland Paris (but don't tell my son; I'll never hear the end of it)....

A lovely appreciative audience.
We were not in a theatre where we could do the full all-dancing, quick-change & props-laden Suzette for Ever, however all was splendid, and we had a great evening. Good to see our agent Bertrand, looking fine despite his being a new father!

We were delighted to pull out the French repertoire once more... and look forward to two more trips to Paris in the next few months. Firstly on March 8th at lunchtime in the Musée d'Orsay... a programme of music to celebrate and live alongside the exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite photography... accompanied by Malcolm Martineau.
How gorgeous!

(After the concert, Noisiel was rather closed... luckily we had already purchased some Pelforth Brune...)

Friday, 4 February 2011

Afternoon cabaret

A wonderful afternoon in a jazz bar in Brussels on Monday...
We entertained with many others: Dutch singer Lenny Kuhr, hilarious Scots singer Morag McLaren, UK pianist/singer Nathan Martin, Belgian star Wendy Van Wanten, and the splendid Kiki Dee with guitarist, Carmelo Luggeri... all created a fine atmosphere for the assembled throng.

Lovely to have the opportunity to meet other artists, and hear them too. The Belgian cuisine pre Eurostar home was just as excellent. A great day trip to Brussels.

Thank you to Thomas Van der Spiegel for organising the event.