Thursday, 17 September 2015

New line-up flourishes

Great times in Germany...
Germany welcomed Chris O'Gorman as the new 1st tenor!
Firstly to the beautiful town of Walldorf, which looked like this, in the excellent September sun...
Blue skies!

Lovely concert in a splendid tent, as part of their Zeltspektakel... with a gloriously enthusiastic audience... atmosphere (and food) equally tremendous!
Thank you to J├╝rgen for inviting us.... last time we saw him at a show, he missed our gig for the very good reason that his son Mika was being born... this time all the family met us!
Great to have lots of Magenta agency there too, Peter, Hamed & the lovely Bettina... (not that Peter and Hamed are not lovely too, of course)

Then there was a long drive to Dresden... it should have been 5-6 hours but a glorious traffic jam made it more like 9!
Wonderfully Martina Lange, who waited patiently for us to arrive, was indeed Job-like, and took our fine-cutting of it, in her stride!
We were helping to celebrate an anniversary of DREWAG (Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH)... & we performed in the quite glorious Schloss Albrechtsberg...
It looked like this (once it was dark!):

...and we performed in here:

I suppose this chap was our host, in a way!

Quite fantastic building in which to sing & a fine trip to Germany... and we'll be back next month, in Bayreuth and Blieskastel...
With a new Mitsing show in Bayreuth ... on October 3rd!

A couple of unmentioned things over the last few months... the end of CI tour gig at Jersey Arts Centre was splendid... and Jason and his team were very attentive and excellent... lovely tour in the CI all round!
...and thanks also to Jeffrey Wynn Davies & Fiona Clucas for inviting us to sing at the Cranleigh Choral Week... we had a most brilliant time, what a great and appreciative audience the singers were... & this is the largest choral course in the UK... wonderful... lots of CDs and songbooks flew off the table after!