Tuesday, 28 April 2015

St George's Day glory & Swiss beauty

For St George's Day, We share a lovely meal with the Spectacle-makers Livery Company, in Haberdasher's Hall in the City of London.
As Sarah-Ann pointed out, it all sounds quite Terry Pratchett (RIP)

For those who wish to know more - look at Livery Companies

It was a wonderful spread... fine flowers too!

Clearly we followed our brief and sang many songs on the two most important subjects for the evening:

Eyes:  Weep O Mine Eyes, Jeepers Creepers
Drinking:  Brindisi, Beer-drinking Britons, The Anacreontic Song (we did the last two on the TV last year!)
Both:  Drink to me Only With Thine Eyes !

I put my lenses in for the evening... perhaps I should have kept my glasses!

Then off to CH:
...the beautiful view just by our hotel/restaurant.... at Pfäffikon, Switzerland

An a cappella gig as part of the a/c festival, which we shared with three other groups...
The first two prize-winners in the Fest...
A group of young people - Get Loud - a mixed group full of youthful joy...
...then Vocabular - slightly older all-male group; lovely mix of pop and classical...
...ending with the madcap The Glue - who were splendidly fun!

Inbetween these Swiss groups we were the British element... and everyone was in a fine mood... a grand night for singing indeed...
Lots of lovely harmony during The Lion Sleeps Tonight... & of course we introduced them to the Laws of Cricket (as you do)...
A lovely evening... & good to see our old friend, Silvan!

...and now we prepare ourselves for California...
Ventura Music Festival at Ventura Beach CA... 8PM on Friday May 1st...

See you there (don't forget your sunnies)!