Thursday, 29 September 2011

Galerie Gmurzynska

Just off to Galerie Gmurzynska, to help open the Secrets exhibition of work by Marco Perego

Lucky we were free when rung this lunchtime!

Off to Belgium for the rest of the weekend; Herent and Kortrijk - home on Sunday evening...
Best of British (Belgian) première will soon have come and gone...

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tunbridge Wells

Just taking a break from watching England as Rugby team - well they seemed to be so for about 20% of the time anyway - to mention our excellent night on Friday in Tunbridge Wells.
Singing as part of the Music at King Charles series, we had a full church of Tunbridge Wellsians, and none seemed disgusted...

We gave them a glimpse of our Best of British programme... which we will take to Belgium and Germany in the coming months (altho' we spoke and sang in English!).
At one of the homes of Kent CCC, there were many enthusiastic faces as we mentioned cricket and sang some songs from the album, ably accompanied as ever, by Chris Hatt.

Thanks to our old friend, Rupert Preston-Bell and his family, and to their collaborators The Tunbridge Wells International Festival for making this evening, and so many others, a success.

But Georgia on My Mind still... for the next 40 minutes...

Friday, 16 September 2011

Cricket online interview

Songs of Cricket interview on

Listen all about it - you have to search quite hard on the site to get to the above, but hoping some will find it!

Looking forward to more sales at one of the homes of Kent CCC tonight... Tunbridge Wells.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

4th Bridewell Night

So, they are all done - a wonderful run - there was some talk of getting us back to The Bridewell [somewhere in the building, at least!] for a Christmas show.... we shall say as soon as we find we can squeeze this in...

Lovely venue, and splendid support from so many...
Roll on the next one....

Tunbridge Wells next Friday!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

2nd & 3rd Bridewell Nights

Well, what to say - each night better than the next - a sea of friends, old and new coming to visit, and the support we get from The Bridewell Institute is wonderful...

One old friend was Neil Pearson - great to see him again; we sang a cricket song, Neil Hannon & Thomas Walsh's Jiggery Pokery, which tells the story of that ball to Mike Gatting bowled by Shane Warne in 1993.... Neil said he was filming (Between the Lines, I reckon) at Old Trafford at that very moment; and thus his reaction to the amazing right-angled delivery was caught on film...they could not help but react... 'cut!' - must be in the BBC vaults somewhere... or perhaps on the cutting room floor (I realise this is a very ancient concept in these digital times...)

Yet more members of my family came... this is once more a delight... hoping this becomes an annual Festive week for us in early September... 2 years and counting...

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

1st Bridewell night

As much as anything, this evening was excellent because so many of my wider family had decided to show up tonight.. without my knowing beforehand... including my fabulously talented cousin Andy Fleming (vocalist - impressionist)... we have not been in the same place for years! Glorious.

...and all went well; quite a few Cricket Songs sung to an unsuspecting audience, and the CDs were popular too. A great beginning to our run, and looking forward to the next three nights...

Friday, 2 September 2011

Bridewell rehearsal

Final rehearsals for our Bridewell shows at the end of next week...
Our Postcard from Home will be as varied as usual... and of course, Songs of Cricket will be there too - both live and recorded! Monty Python, Jake Thackray, Noel Coward, The Beatles, Flanders and Swann, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber - just some of the people who will 'partake' in our evenings...

Very exciting... tech stuff over the weekend and then we are in from Monday... shows: Weds.-Sat. at 7pm.
Might we see you there...?