Sunday, 23 January 2011

Savoy Party

Another 70th birthday party... they are all the rage this month.
A distinctly select group of friends and family, of a family I will not mention, had us peppering their evening with musical excerpts. The Beatles featured heavily, as well as songs written in 1941, a latin grace by William Byrd, a Scots folksong and two rousing renditions of Happy Birthday from the assembled (quite small) throng. The international group enjoyed a rendition of Suzette... our guide to every word and phrase of French that the English know.... all in three minutes!

This evening in the Gondoliers' Room [we were in the Sorceror's Room] was no trial by jury but full of the celebratory joy...
....we also finished in time for Steve to get his last train home, so there was no taxi necessary...thus he avoided the Savoy Cabbage.

Yes, yes, yes... it's late and the best up with which I can come...

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Celebrations yesterday

A 70th birthday, a 75th birthday, 25 years in a house (marvellous) & a Golden Wedding, plus a smattering of 50th birthdays hanging about...
Lots of reasons for a party.
And a wonderful lunch was had by all... though these guys would keep coming in and singing...

We started with a vocal version of (a shortened version) of William Walton's Crown Imperial... which was enjoyed, but even more so when the groom from 50 years ago explained that they had entered the church to it on that day too!
We were also asked to sing Frederick Bridge's The Goslings - a song about a faithful marriage and a brutal farmer's wife! - which was loved, despite the main characters ending up together on a plate! Also Smoke Got in our Eyes for them....
Our natural silliness then took over, of course.

Many thanks to Dame Felicity Lott for introducing us to this excellent couple, and thus allowing us to partake in such a happy occasion.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Westminster Collection

Sang last night at a grand event to celebrate there being FIFTY venues under the auspices of The Westminster Collection.
This was held at The home of The King's Fund at 11 Cavendish Square - a building with both old and new parts. Richard was rather taken by the Madonna and Child by Jacob Epstein levitating on the wall outside!
Free-flowing wine and excellent food helped the evening along, and once again, we have made new friends in another 'secret' corner of London about which we knew nothing before this week!

We sang our version of the wonderful Paul Simon song Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover .... Fifty Ways to hold your Event!
Thank you to René Dee and The Westminster Collection for inviting us to participate.
Ho hum, another party on Saturday...

Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Album for Summer 2011

Great news from Down Under; the boys have won the series as well as retaining the Ashes so as to help announce our new Signum CD - an album of CRICKET music. Based on the evenings we have been indulging in, in the Long Room at Lord's over the past few years, under the wing of cricket historian David Rayvern Allen, it is a celebration of the music of cricket... of which I must tell you, there is an enormous amount spanning the centuries (sic) and decades. David wrote a book on this subject in the early 80s - A Song for Cricket and has amassed even more info and music now... and, I let you into a leading secret... he has stuff on many other sports as well.... but let's not get ahead of ourselves!
Let's hope England can keep our PR momentum up as they head into the one-dayers and the World Cup...

Saturday, 1 January 2011


...were excellent on a very friendly and not-too-crowded south bank of the Thames, just east of MI6... lovely beginning to 2011.
Have a good year one and all...