Sunday, 23 January 2011

Savoy Party

Another 70th birthday party... they are all the rage this month.
A distinctly select group of friends and family, of a family I will not mention, had us peppering their evening with musical excerpts. The Beatles featured heavily, as well as songs written in 1941, a latin grace by William Byrd, a Scots folksong and two rousing renditions of Happy Birthday from the assembled (quite small) throng. The international group enjoyed a rendition of Suzette... our guide to every word and phrase of French that the English know.... all in three minutes!

This evening in the Gondoliers' Room [we were in the Sorceror's Room] was no trial by jury but full of the celebratory joy...
....we also finished in time for Steve to get his last train home, so there was no taxi necessary...thus he avoided the Savoy Cabbage.

Yes, yes, yes... it's late and the best up with which I can come...

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