Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Busy rehearsing for our run at the Bridewell Theatre - http://www.stbridefoundation.org/bridewelltheatre/eveningperformance.html?eventId=177 - greatly looking forward to it.

Last friday, we spent the day with the splendid Jenny Weston, honing our choreography to within an inch of our lives. Steve and I are now the spitting image of Laurel and Hardy... if you need more information, you had better come to our gigs!
We had just flown in from Long Beach, California - we sang for 4o minutes over there! - and we swapped stories with Jenny about it, as she did some direction and movement for Adams' Nixon in China in that very town - she is, in fact, the world expert on the direction of that opera. Should you wish:

Now have had an afternoon with pianist, and father-soon-to-be, Chris Hatt, who we have persuaded to take a week off from Billy Elliot, where he is the Maestro... Good to have our own maestro on stage; he has promised to lead the laughter, as well as play like a demon... and he might even sing and act [although he only found out this bit yesterday!]

See you at the Bridewell...