Monday, 28 May 2012

50th anniversary party at Esch

Delightful weekend at Esch-sur-Alzette, celebrating the theatre's 50th anniversary, lots of acts and dignitaries were in evidence... including the Lady Mayoress, who was very complimentary.
Mike announced that the group had first been to the theatre 25 years ago, so glad the maths was nicely compartmentalised... roll on 2037..
One of our fellow acts was the Natural Theatre Company, who were glorious in their 'nakedness' (as well as a pleasure to chat to in the meal afterwards!) - we follow each other around the theatres of Europe; so good to actually be on the same bill.
We are back at the theatre to celebrate 2013 - on January 1st - it will be wonderful to be there again...

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Funny Side at Newbury

Wonderful sunny afternoon as we arrived in Newbury on Friday... brilliant indeed.  Boding well for our next outing of On The Funny Side of the Street.
Joined once more by Chris Hatt at the piano, we did have a great time... audience were happy to come into the cool of the Corn Exchange, and they laughed at all the right places! Chris was especially and excellently large-scale during the Spamalot piece...
We also had the delight of both our General Manager, Robin Tyson, from EPAM & David Foster, our UK theatrical agent (All-Electric Productions) being with us to see the show.  They both had beatific smiles at the end of the show; so that seems OK.
...also Carole, our wonderful mailing list/fan organizer was there too - much of our wider family was in evidence... & Steve's wife too...
Hooray... back to London after the gig, tho' hanging around in Newbury would have been tremendous, for a happily-not-too-early flight to Luxembourg.... more on that trip soon!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hear No Evil on iTunes

The album, Hear No Evil... is there finally!
Other platforms are available, but iTunes now as well...

Get downloading!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

C.I. tour #3

So it's done; all four islands, and this time we managed to get to do the schools' gig on Jersey... no foggy delay.

A lovely time was had by all - each island has its own feel, and great to see them one by one and get their characteristics. Inter-island niggles were fascinating! 

On Alderney, we visited John Arlott's bench, and his beloved cricket ground, where so many teams come to visit and play still... Songs of Cricket were heard on all the islands... and purchased too!

Some sort of stomach bug made three-quarters of the group feel varying degrees of odd... but, as they say, I was all right, Jack!
...and they all coped brilliantly, of course.

Good to have some time to look about Jersey this time [18 months ago we arrived at the theatre 15 minutes before the start!]... and only a wee shower to accompany...
Steve & Jason and all at Jersey Arts Centre were as attentive as ever, and this time we were able to discuss the lights with them before the show!

Excellent tour.

Super also to come home to England doing well against the West Indies...

Thursday, 17 May 2012

C.I. tour #2

24 hours later, and we are on Alderney; once again after a lovely school gig.  Children were terrific and attentive and giggled (in all the correct places)...

Boat crossing from Sark to Guernsey not quite the glassy water experience of the day before, but we survived!  Flight to here (in a wee plane) good - tho' I slept through much of it...

Sark evening concert also a delight [naturally], Sark Island Hall with new lights and sound management on walls - even better than 8 months ago.

Hospitality up to usual standards!
Now where's my cup of tea..?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

C.I. tour #1

Sitting in glorious sunshine on the tractor-paradise that is Sark, having had a great day on Guernsey yesterday, and a wonderful calm crossing by boat here this morning.
Four-island tour here... each day a different island - lunchtime gig for schoolchildren, then a concert in the evening...
Lovely to meet old Guernsey friends at our old haunt St James Arts Centre - Kirstin as welcoming as always... and a great crowd enjoyed our songs; lots of cricket for them too!  {Many CDs purchased!}

As you may know, no motorised vehicles allowed here on Sark (only helicopters in dire emergency) - but there are 76 tractors on the island... Chidren were very attentive and amused just now:- we are performing at the Island Hall next to the cricket ground; bodes well for cricket stuff later.

I've looked for Mr Pye, but he is neither devilishly or angelically here...

(Note to self: must look back at previous CI blog to see if repeating dullardly)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Another International Festival

Another day, another international a cappella night... this time in Hannover as the climax of their Internationale a-cappella-woche.
We listened to the beauty of the Estonians, Heinavankar, and splendour of the Irish White Raven, and at the end of the evening, The wonderful swedes, The Real Group - especially liked their very jazzy Mozart 40 (reminding me of our yodelling version of the symphony as filmed in Salzburg, all dressed up as Mozart for S4C!)
We were there too (the "OIs" in Lambeth were loud!) - it felt exhausting for us to watch it all, but the audience were all delighted, and the packed church rang with cheers and applause.

Over the past two days and nights we have shared the stage, green rooms and restaurants with at least 10 nationalities (no I have not lost count, like all good vocal groups, not everyone in every group comes from where the act does!), and been inspired by excellent musicians, all with their unique way of putting across their vocal music.
Fantastic - we are lucky to have such a job...

Fantastic International Festival

Very splendid evening in Alba Iulia, Romania.  Our friend Mihai Coser asked us to create an a cappella evening for him & it was a great success.
All the groups were wonderful; Die Medlz from Germany, Vocal Tempo from Cuba & Jukebox Trio from Russia; and we were all on stage at the end giving impromptu performances of No woman, no cry & Stand by Me.
The atmosphere in the open air was super (and hot!) - today there are performances of Hansel & Gretel and Carmina Burana... should be terrific.
We all were very pleased and everyone wants to do it again asap....


We had to rise pretty early (3am UK time) to get to our next date: another a cappella night in Hannover... more news later (I have woken up now!)...

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Neustadt am Rübenberge

A wonderful night in Neustadt am Rübenberge, near Hanover, as part of the Internationale a-cappella-woche Hannover; a packed house with fantastic attentiveness - they all seemed to have a glorious time...
Once again, we introduced Cricket Tea Towel - the Ins and Outs of Cricket (our Arvo Pärt pastiche from Songs of Cricket)... & they laughed as they should! More conversions to cricket in Germany!

We were looked after splendidly - thank you, Sven and the team - and we will be back on Sunday for the last concert of the a cappella woche - sharing a bill with the Estonian Heinavanker, the Irish White Raven & the Swedish The Real Group.
Should be a great evening! 

But before then, we will pop to Alba Iulia, Romania to share a gig we were asked to plan, with the German Medlz, the Russian Jukebox Trio & the Cuban/Spanish Vocal Tempo.

A very international time this weekend...

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New England manager

Good news with Roy Hodgson now as England football manager:
Clearly being born in Croydon & educated in Shirley leaves you destined for greatness...