Sunday, 13 May 2012

Another International Festival

Another day, another international a cappella night... this time in Hannover as the climax of their Internationale a-cappella-woche.
We listened to the beauty of the Estonians, Heinavankar, and splendour of the Irish White Raven, and at the end of the evening, The wonderful swedes, The Real Group - especially liked their very jazzy Mozart 40 (reminding me of our yodelling version of the symphony as filmed in Salzburg, all dressed up as Mozart for S4C!)
We were there too (the "OIs" in Lambeth were loud!) - it felt exhausting for us to watch it all, but the audience were all delighted, and the packed church rang with cheers and applause.

Over the past two days and nights we have shared the stage, green rooms and restaurants with at least 10 nationalities (no I have not lost count, like all good vocal groups, not everyone in every group comes from where the act does!), and been inspired by excellent musicians, all with their unique way of putting across their vocal music.
Fantastic - we are lucky to have such a job...

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