Saturday, 19 May 2012

C.I. tour #3

So it's done; all four islands, and this time we managed to get to do the schools' gig on Jersey... no foggy delay.

A lovely time was had by all - each island has its own feel, and great to see them one by one and get their characteristics. Inter-island niggles were fascinating! 

On Alderney, we visited John Arlott's bench, and his beloved cricket ground, where so many teams come to visit and play still... Songs of Cricket were heard on all the islands... and purchased too!

Some sort of stomach bug made three-quarters of the group feel varying degrees of odd... but, as they say, I was all right, Jack!
...and they all coped brilliantly, of course.

Good to have some time to look about Jersey this time [18 months ago we arrived at the theatre 15 minutes before the start!]... and only a wee shower to accompany...
Steve & Jason and all at Jersey Arts Centre were as attentive as ever, and this time we were able to discuss the lights with them before the show!

Excellent tour.

Super also to come home to England doing well against the West Indies...

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