Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tunbridge Wells

Just taking a break from watching England as Rugby team - well they seemed to be so for about 20% of the time anyway - to mention our excellent night on Friday in Tunbridge Wells.
Singing as part of the Music at King Charles series, we had a full church of Tunbridge Wellsians, and none seemed disgusted...

We gave them a glimpse of our Best of British programme... which we will take to Belgium and Germany in the coming months (altho' we spoke and sang in English!).
At one of the homes of Kent CCC, there were many enthusiastic faces as we mentioned cricket and sang some songs from the album, ably accompanied as ever, by Chris Hatt.

Thanks to our old friend, Rupert Preston-Bell and his family, and to their collaborators The Tunbridge Wells International Festival for making this evening, and so many others, a success.

But Georgia on My Mind still... for the next 40 minutes...

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