Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Philippsburg & Frankfurt-Höchst DE + TV & Radio

Two more German joys...

First the Jugendstil splendour of Philippsburg...

...beautiful hall from the outside and a fantastic place in which to sing... a final Best of British performance for the moment, and the last of four gigs with Gareth Hunt - excellent to have him around for these few days...

Then a second return visit to Höchst (very near to Frankfurt), for a Madrigal to McCartney show.

Both audiences were warm and delightful and fully ready to partake in our shows, and great technicians too!
Sales of Songs of Love and War were very fine - we have started spreading our new CD around Europe!

Apologies if anyone tries to watch us on BBC4 tonight - the programme was moved to Mondays and thus the first wee bit was on near the end of last night's viewing of Rule Britannia on BBC4 at 9PM... the next two episodes are on the 15th and the 22nd - at a similar time (we have a small bit in each it seems!)

Also:       BBC Radio 3 - In Tune - 4.30-6: Friday 25th April
                BBC Radio London - Gaby Roslin show - 2.30 - 5: Sunday 27th April

Then on to Crazy Coqs 30th, 31st April and 1st May - 8pm

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