Sunday, 6 April 2014

Minden and Wunsiedel, DE

Two more concerts.... just much of the length of England apart!
Much Union Flag-waving in both north and south Germany... (from Minden in North Rhine-Westphalia to Wunsiedel in Bavaria!)

Quite a long drive by British standards, but the autobahn worked its magic & all felt fine.

Minden an especially beautiful theatre, built in the v.early 20th-century (here it is):

Staff as marvellous as the theatre is lovely!

...and after that long drive, delightful to back in the arms of Wunsiedel, and with our old friend Christian on the sound desk... excellent.
Very well looked after as always... Gareth especially taken with the huge dark beer on offer at the bar last night (tho' not overly so, of course).

More Best of British in Philippsburg tonight, then it is a farewell to pianist Gareth Hunt as we head to Hoechst for a Madrigal to McCartney on Monday...

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