Saturday, 29 March 2014

Ankara, TK & Kisdorf, DE

A lovely trip to Ankara, invited by Firat Dadaş & Euphrates Artists...

As we always find in Turkey, we were looked after splendidly and had wonderful food at every turn... Ece gave us a splendid tour of ancient Ancyra & helped us with our Turkish words.

The audience for the concert were very receptive and excellent.  Cheering our Turkish introductions to the rafters; they must have understood them; they seemed especially delighted when berated at their attempts to join in The Lambeth Walk - marvellous!

Great to see another old Turkish friend Ilker Ersil at the concert  too...

Then on to Germany; Kisdorf in particular [Schleswig-Holstein in the north, as you ask...]; another excellent welcome, and lots of laughter rang around the room as we gave our Best of British show

A return to Wilhelmshaven (but with B.o.B.) next... (Sunday)

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