Saturday, 16 April 2011


A great evening of vocal music in Thun.
Along with Viva Voce, A'pella Four & Teatro Zuffellato we entertained a mixed crowd at the Schweizer Kunstlerbörse in Thun.

Wonderful to see again old friends and to meet others anew. Viva Voce we have worked with before, and they were on cracking form... also I found as I got home that they are coached by an old friend from Croydon [and ex-Magnet] Colin Griffiths-Brown, who now lives in Germany and is one half of the very successful, Carrington-Brown.

As we have been to Switzerland every year for many, many years now, hoping that our friend and ally Silvan Isenring will continue to help our fulfilling this splendid tradition...

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