Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Online translation

These online transation services are getting better and better....
Does anyone remember Stanley Unwin? He seems to be writing for German newspapers...


Heilbronner voice of the 21st of March 2011

An insanity trout and four Britons

The London Quartet in the festival of the laughing tones

Of Michaela Adick

Neckarsulm meaning heavy the four Britons move together. What the set gentlemen now need is protection, security, confidence. A human vehicle castle just. "Some neat music" must now in the school of music announced become. , That "Scarborough would not be fairly" no correct music or that Cantabile would not appreciate – The London Quartet the Beatles

Note forest yet now is announced music with Capital characters, with large letter. Franz Schubert. Large groaning. "the trout" want it the audience in the hall sold out with almost 200 visitors serve. A trout with all harassment. Large Luftholen, even larger rustling in the note forest. And what then in that acclaimed happens prelude organization of the festival of the laughing tones, experienced the A-capella-friend not yet. A psycho drama develops with an insanity trout, with which Polanskis "Rosemary’s could have it baby" godfather gestandne. At the latest now becomes clear why Richard Bryan, Countertenor had imagined, the enchanted audience with a "We are British, I' m sorry". Tasteful support, that can yet every Hansel. The London Quartet, that emerged before nearly 30 years at a College in Cambridge, intends better. Through its voices, the voices do not convince are comfortably - separate through Britishness.

They sing higher nonsense there the Lambeth Walk "out of the musical "Me and my Girl ": A Schnipser, and the gentlemen sing the song backwards. Just as sovereign and tone pure. How they move careless on the stage, and nonsense verzapfen. Does someone remember "Life could be a Dream "the Canadian The Crew Cuts from the year 1954, notoriously through the ingenious refrain "Sh boom Sh booming "? The London Quartet with Richard Bryan (Countertenor) the tenor Steve Brooks and Mark Fleming and the foundation member Michael Steffan (baritone), that occasionally of the pianist Chris Hatt proprietor accompanies, digs so what from. Magnificent.

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