Sunday, 3 April 2011

Alma, QC

We remembered the joy of being in La Belle Province, as soon as we were greeted warmly in Alma.
A return visit [we came in 2003 when we were Canadian novices] is always a pleasure.

A splendid theatre, with techs. who know their stuff... and an enthusiastic audience. What more could one wish for...?

The French-language synapses did indeed come to life in time! The audience were delighted to be auditioned by Richard, tho' I think we forgot to tell them at the end that they had passed!

On to Charlesbourg (a part of Québec City), which is very near our hotel.... good that things are close, as after our early afternoon hour-long concert, we rush to the airport for our flight home.
Back to our families, and also to creating the Cricket CD for release in the Summer [tho' lots of people are helping us with this]; as well as continuing the process of honing our Best of British programme for Europe, and creating two new ones for touring in the UK [one of which will be in the Bridewell Theatre, off Fleet Street very early September].

This week a photo session at Lord's [where else?] & a wedding in Yorkshire...

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