Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lord's day

Excellent photo session for our cricket CD with our v. supportive friend Jonny Knowles, at the 'home' of cricket [apart from Dubai]... Lord's Cricket Ground.
Along with Mr Robin Tyson of EPAM, we swanned [geddit?! * ] around pretending this was a place where we should be...
Media Centre and Pavilion photos were taken in glorious spring sunshine. Might one hope this weather will still be around when the cricket season actually starts?!

Thanks to Clare Skinner & Adam Chadwick of MCC/Lord's who allowed us to do this... wonderful to have the support of such an organisation for our CD.

Images of all four of us must wait until the CD (or at least until advanced publicity for the product)... you'll just have to be patient.

Off to Yorkshire for a Wedding tomorrow...

* cricket 'joke'

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