Friday, 22 May 2015

Beautiful Basel

Im Rhein, im heiligen Strome...

So to Basel on the magnificent Rhine, where we sang for a group of doctors!
The President this year, remembered us from a Cambridge dinner we sang at a few years ago and looked us up... how marvellous people can be!
One of the guest speakers was the amazing eminent heart surgeon, Sir Magdi Yacoub... he arrived late because of transport problems and walked in on our singing Caravan including our sand dance... he must have been a little confused... but he and all the other medical people had a splendid time!
Weep O Mine Eyes & Strangers in the Night were equally well appreciated...
A serious and fun evening!

Thank you to Herr Uwe Fritz for looking after us so well.
Three more photos
Despite being a highly cultured place, even here in erudite Switzerland; this is what happens to bookshops... someone called Butler has filled this one full of tat...

We were performing in the docks area... in a fascinating part of Basel which just across the river from France and a few hundred metres from Germany... (there is a spot - we sadly did not have time to see it - where you can stand on all three countries at the same time!)
...but there was some charming graffiti:

...and on a quick walk into Basel itself, there was a reminder of home for Sarah-Ann... all those lovely flying roads:- just like Birmingham...

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Anonymous said...

Butlers actually is a pretty good chain not only selling 'tat'.
It's unfortunate that bookshops are disappearing, true, but that is a consequence of poor sales strategy and electronic books.