Wednesday, 6 May 2015


To Ventura, CA on the west coast of the good ol' U.S. of A....

Steve and his wife, Martene (& Chloé) are very much expecting a new member of the family - right now-ish & so we were accompanied on our American travels, once more, by the splendid high tenor, Chris O'Gorman.....
Excellent to have him with us again.

We went to the Ventura Music Festival:

...and it was indeed sunny and lovely (perhaps a bit windy... but no complaints!); the weather had been bad before we arrived... we brought the sun.

...but there was a fine sunset over the beach car park!

All people who looked after us were splendid, Nuvi Mehta, the Festival Director was coolness itself, & Rose drove us about & did everything we needed... with help from Tom too!
The internet (& Rose) led us to two very fine restaurants in the city, the Aloha Steakhouse & The Lure Fish restaurant (thank you, Sarah for finding this great place!)

The concert was a delight, in a local church - thanks to Mark & Geoff for doing the sound.
Good to see California again... & sing to a laid-back CA audience... their contributions to Chanson d'amour and The Lion Sleeps Tonight certainly had laid-back connotation!

Sarah, Rose & Chris outside the church... great blue sky!

The great crowd were just as happy listening to our music from the golden era of English Church Music, as the Beach Boys and Randy Newman... and they laughed in all the right places!

We had a day to await our flight back home, and so we did some filming... more of this very soon, we hope...

Here is a break between takes! you can perhaps see, it had turned a wee bit cooler... Chris and I gamely soldiered on in shorts!

We flew back via New York & so were able to take in the view...

Now we're home in the UK - awaiting more joys to come...
Busy and interesting for the back muscles, but a short trip to California can be wonderful!

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