Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Waterloo commemorations in Brussels

A delightful early evening at the British Embassy in Brussels to celebrate
Project Hougoumont... part of the commemorations of the Battle of Waterloo (200 years ago, in case there was any doubt)

The Embassy sits with many others on the park by the Royal Palace in central Brussels...
...the beautifully appointed rooms were full of many who had supported the project over the last few years, including The Duke of Wellington (the present one!) & Peter Snow.

The guests were awaiting both the Waterloo Ball last night (sadly we were not invited!); and the arrival of Prince Charles and Camilla today to add to the glory of the hour.

Very elegant it was; dress uniforms & wonderful evening wear.
The guests were very gracious and listened to us with care.

The Ambassador, Alison Rose and her staff were fantastically helpful and charming and we had an excellent evening.
Splendid food, British Sparkling wine (oh yes) & super Waterloo beer (brewed in Waterloo - marvellous).

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