Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Showtime première & European Christmas...

At last the Aalst première of our new Belgian show, Showtime... with Sarah-Ann as guest.
From next year it will be just the new group, but the five-part première has happened!
...and we had the ever-reliable Chris Hatt on stage, fighting off the lurgy all the while... superb to have him there!

Great success it was - the show was sold out almost as soon as the tickets went on sale, and the packed audience loved it.
Well done, Sarah-Ann, we look forward to much more in 2015 and beyond!

Christmas shows in Tienen, Zaltbommel, Milan & Overijse were all excellent too!
..a wee bit busy... lots of early AMs to avoid Belgian strikers and make sure we got to Italy and back (via The Netherlands)... but cool.
Great to re-visit Tienen, to have a cool Sunday afternooon yule in Zaltbommel (The Netherlands, in case you are not sure), and to have another great afternoon in Overijse today...
Lots of sales of CDs, songbooks and of course In/Out tea towels... good to spread the word even tho' England can hardly win a cricket match these days...

We were looked after in Milan by Ilenia and Luisa very well indeed... great to have our Italian agents around.

Very beautiful city... and we were in a splendidly central hotel... right near all the sites:

...and the concert went well too - lots of Italian was spoken & the audience laughed at the right moments... so either we were word perfect, or hilariously wrong... (or both!)
La Montanara especially well received...

The Tienen hotel had two dogs.... little and large:-

Grand old lady (well, I think so.... I did not invade her privacy to look):-

...and a wee one that modelled reindeer sculptures:-

Here is one for the Cant-TLQ archives... a picture of the old and the new!
In a bar after Tienen:- (S-A was drinking Tea.... Richard not!)

Now we are in Maaseik awaiting a return concert - we were here last year.... and a female vocal group we coached a bit then, will begin the evening... looking forward to that very much.

If It's Tuesday, it must be Belgium.... (does anyone remember that fairly drab film of the 1970s? It is true for us today!)

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