Sunday, 7 December 2014

Richarddämmerung - last of DE

So Richard's last three German concerts have happened...
Wangen im Allgäu, Rockenhausen & Itzehoe...

Great to be in Wangen once more (our 6th visit)... as ever a great reception and a beautiful area of Germany to spend some time... A Richard-farewell concert - with presents!

This is what a foyer of a bank can look like when it has a concert at Christmas... Sparkasse at Rockenhausen... a very delightful experience, & our first totally seasonal outing of the year..(well. apart from our Orthodox Belorussian Christmas in January!)... lots more to come.

Then it was to Itzehoe for another Richard-farewell - the final DE fling!
Lovely people again amidst excellent Christmas delights of shopping till midnight!
...and an audience member very kindly put some chocolate bears on our chairs (I am a poet, and I don't know it)... as it was St Nikolaus yesterday... We even received a St Nikolaus (in chocolate, natch) from the organisers... yum!

Now it is on to Belgium for our Belgian Christmas extravaganza (with a bit of Italy and the Netherlands too)... Deurne this evening where we are very pleased to be joined by pianist-extraorinaire, Chris Hatt...

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