Thursday, 18 December 2014

Maaseik & Ternat, Belgium

Two return trips... each a pleasure to be back.

Wonderful to have singers from Gerrie Guerts' Jeugd en Muziek school here in Maaseik to open our concert... they sang for 20 minutes & were fabulous... more of them in a future blog (all for their very own)...
After that fine start the church was already set for a wonderful evening...and as you might expect in such a setting the two carols we asked the audience to join with, were terrific.
Totally different programme to 13 months ago.... of course we could add lots of Christmas music to the mix. .. and even Elvis made an appearance singing Lonely this Christmas; then he left the building.

Elvis followed us to Ternat (well, actually he was driving)... and we had another delightful Christmas evening..., a quite enormous tree at the back of the stage decorated so heavily that it fell over... luckily, the stage is deep enough that it did not hit anyone! ...and it was only in rehearsal... very secure in the performance.

Just three more Christmas concerts to go before the day itself... two in Belgium and one in The Netherlands...

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