Sunday, 15 June 2014

Two Sibiu nights in Thalia Hall

The splendid Thalia Hall here in Sibiu was wonderful to be in for two nights...

Firstly our solo concert, and then four spots within a gala evening of awards to theatre people from around the world (we are singing  in the Sibiu International Festival of Theatre - FITS in Romanian order!)

Everyone took to us wonderfully... & even heard and understood our Romanian (both introductions and a song!)

Thanks to my Romanian friends Gabby & Dan for suggesting we sing Vara Nu Dorm - a beach hit from 2012 - to which the audience listened in concentrated silence (which was worrying...) and then cheered and applauded madly (which was not!)

Mike and I also took part in the 'cultural conversation' chaired by UK academic Professor Noel Witt with Oliver Bray from Leeds Metropolitan University Performing Arts course & a lady from Che Theatre, Minsk, Belarus: she talked of the troubles of working around government censorship and fear in Belarus, Oliver talked of the importance of non-mainstream arts teaching/learning  and new ideas of what performance can be & we shared stories of our trip to Minsk in January and also  how we wished to both enrapture and amuse our audiences... This will be transcribed for the Sibiu Festival archive (they already have years of it!) so our words will be held in aspic for future generations to er... marvel at (or whatever!).

The BBC weather site had promised loads of electrical storminess - they were, thank goodness, wrong... and it has been sunny all the time!

On to Alba Iulia at the end of next week... Cant-TLQ with orchestra, Bonnie Tyler & a full production of Aida (plus we sing a bit of the Elton John/Tim Rice musical version) and a chap with panpipes...)


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