Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Bonnie evening...

Wonderful last night in Alba Iulia, where we were sandwiched between two acts, the great Bonnie Tyler and 3 O'CLOCK - with 15,000 people in the open air at the Citadel.

The latter being an Andrews Sisters type trio (as you can see above) accompanied  in this gig by jazz trio (guitar, bass & drums).  They were great fun; and elicited much excitement from members of Bonnie Tyler's band... (all was OK, the girls were surrounded by their boyfriends, friends and families after their set and were well protected!)

Then it was time for us to say hello and goodbye to Alba Iulia for this year... we sang Penny Lane & then organiser Mihai talked to the audience in Romanian whilst we nodded and smiled... it appears we promised a job to any Romanian who appeared on our doorsteps!  Luckily, everyone thought this very funny!

Then it was stadium rock time and on came Bonnie Tyler and her band - marvellous stuff indeed and the huge crowd sang along with lots of her hits (and heard a few from her new album too)...  great to hear It's a Heartache live...

Another excellent early summer in Romania - mainly lovely weather, super people good food & drink and delightful atmosphere:- see you next year!

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