Sunday, 22 June 2014

Grand Orchestral nights

Two excellent evenings at our regular early summer haunt, Alba Iulia in Romania.

Both with orchestra...
Firstly our own concert with the Alba Iulia orchestra gloriously conducted by Remus Grama - the audience were even good enough to continue listening/watching even when rain came (luckily it was only light showers!)...
We gave them, Schubert/Shakespeare's Who is Sylvia, Dankworth's The Compleat Works of Shakespeare, Pavane (from our new album Songs of Love & War), Michel Legrand's Summer of '42 & J'attendrai (I Will Wait for You), Everbody's Talkin', As Time Goes By & other musical hits... Music of the Night & Bring Him Home  and even some pop! - Stevie Wonder's I Just Called..., the Bond theme flowing into Skyfall and that ubiquitous song Happy!
Romanian pop song Vara Nu Dorm also had another outing! The last two songs garnering lots of joining in (at least clapping along!)
A lovely evening with some excellent musicians who also enjoyed themselves.
Remus Grama was a splendidly attentive and wonderful conductor.

The next evening, there was a performance of Aida by the Opera Naționala Romana din Cluj-Napoca - in the open air (thank goodness, the afternoon's rain stopped in the evening!)...
As a prelude to this, we sang the first two numbers from Tim Rice & Elton John's Aida - the Musical, with the opera orchestra.
Again wonderfully conducted by Cristian Oroşanu, it was terrific to perform these songs (Every Story is a Love Story & Fortune favours the Brave) and the packed Citadel audience were a delight.
We began by playing an audio message from Tim Rice who apologised for not being there (he is in Brazil for some reason - what's he want to be there for!?), and sent his greetings as we sang his and Elton's songs to them... but, as he said, not Don't Cry for Me, Alba Iulia!
A good use of two knights of the realm in international relations!

Thank you as ever to Mihai Coser for inviting us, and for him & all at Alba Iulia City Hall (especially Robert Roman) for working so hard!

We're introducing fellow Brit, Bonnie Tyler tonight...

If you want to see our gala performance from Sibiu (amidst an awards ceremony - 4 short slots) - you can look here ! [It possibly helps to be in Romania!]

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