Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Tamworth - ancient capital of Mercia

To Tamworth, ancient capital of the Kingdom of Mercia... this was always the Midlands (but never Wales), but also stretching to the South in its pomp... (everywhere but Cornwall)...
Excellent castle, and good market to wander around... & the Assembly Rooms sit on or near the site of Offa's Castle... you know the one who built the Dyke to keep the Welsh in Wales in the 8th century... as our resident Welshman, Mike points out... it never worked! ...and there was another Welsh chap in the audience!
Later Tamworth was the home to Sir Robert Peel, creator of the Tamworth pig and the Tamworth manifesto... I make no comment on which of these is more important... politics is not at home in this blog!
That's enough history... great to see a new place; we've never been here before.

Lovely people in the Assembly Rooms, being generous and kind with their time and efforts... and our first Christmas outing of the year was suitably joy-filled.  The first of many audiences this month to have Steve as Elvis thrust upon them... and whilst on icons of pop, we were performing on a stage where The Rolling Stones had performed 50 years and a day ago (and The Beatles just a few months before that)... so maybe history is never that far away!
A lovely evening in the middle of England...

Awaiting our first of 12 German shows this month in .... Mannheim:

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

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