Monday, 9 December 2013

Bayreuth & Hameln

Now there's a juxtaposition you may not see so often... two cities linked to giant global Germanic myths... the home of Wagner and Total Art & the home of the Pied Piper!

Both concerts a great joy, of course... a full house in Bayreuth were chock-a-block with Christmas joie de vivre & we had a very noisy time with all the joining in! 
...and there was an especial desire for cricket tea towels... we sold so many!
In fact we sold more tea towels at Hameln and have none left!  What a beautiful city Hameln is - unhurt and still in its Middle-Age glory... Another splendid evening here too!
We are enjoying sharing 'The Ins and Outs of Cricket' with Germany and passing out cricket tea towels of the same; but we are taking no notice of our very poor English cricket side's exploits in Australia... that is too depressing!
Onwards to Neum√ľnster

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