Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Star-studded celebration

To Lord's cricket ground, and a splendid dinner in the Long Room...

A room full of friends and family of Neil Durden-Smith celebrating a large-ish birthday (I do not think he is worried about it, but I will not give away the divisible-by-10 number); this gentleman being the husband of Judith Chalmers...
Lots of others off the telly were at this Lady Taverners' event.
Nicholas Parsons, Tim Rice, Richard Stilgoe, Esther Rantzen, Angela Rippon, Chris Tarrant, Bill Tidy, & Colin Cowdrey.

Always a great privilege to be at Lord's - and as there were no ladies changing for this gig, we were in the home dressing room - honours boards newly-decorated with Broad & Root's exploits in 2013...

Very much the best response to being asked to sing The Lambeth Walk we have had for a very long time... they seemed to know it very well... perhaps it was their era!

We also had the joy of singing with the great Sir TRice, backing him, as ever, in Wanderin' Star.
...and nobody threw anything. Marvellous!

Now we turn our thoughts to a very busy Christmas period in Tamworth, Germany, Canada, Vienna, Bridewell Institute and Germany again between Xmas and New Year.... phew!
All details on website:

UK dates:
Tamworth tickets here! - Tuesday 3rd December @ 19:30
Bridewell tickets here! - Thursday 19th December @ 19:00

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