Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Luton Music Club

Lovely evening on the Thameslink line! [Home by 11.43 !]

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Luton Music Club are a thriving club meeting on Mondays at Luton's Library Theatre; and we had a great time; beginning in the 12th century with Hildegard of Bingen (Ave generosa); and ending with Billy Joel's Goodnight, My Angel.... and much inbetween - Byrd 4-part Mass, Lambeth Walk etc.!

Our old friend, Richard Sisson [Widow of Kit and the Widow] came, as he is a longtime supporter of the Club, and it was great to see him... and congratulate him on his part in the Comedy Prom! He said he enjoyed himself...

We have a Captain Beaky dance (hah!) rehearsal at the RAH tomorrow morning... so night night!

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