Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ah, Vienna

A lovely day and night in Vienna...
We visited the Theatre am Spittelberg, where we will be performing in the Summer next year (great to see it), and it was good to be in the city without it being below freezing!

Voicemania audience were as splendid as ever, and we had a glorious evening... and made sure that they know how to make a cup of tea... [German words by our old friend Rainer Wallraf, with national anthem as tune]...

We were also afforded the pleasure of watching Vocal Tempo, a cuban a cappella group, who won the second series of Spanish X Factor (Factor X !) - they were brilliant! Their instrumental impressions were excellent, and of course... rhythm - perfeccione!

We reminded the good people of the Vienna Cricket Club - oh yes, there is one - and talked of the game and sang our Ins and Outs - Cricket Tea Towel to them... it must have worked, we sold many CDs...

Steve then rushed off to see his wife sing with John Malkovich in New York, as you do!

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Andreas Cart said...

Hello, we just came home from a wonderful evening at the Spittelberg theater enjoying your brillant performance. It was really excellent entertainment. And we concluded once more that we like the British sense of humour very, very much - and you were very British.
The most urgent activity after coming home was to visit your homepage and have a look, if there is a way to get a track of your national anthem about how to make a cup of tea. We think this was/is British at its best.
Unfortunately there seems to be no such track available ... or did we just miss it?
Many thanks for this pleasant evening.