Friday, 4 November 2011

CH Recording #2 & Tim Rice bash

We had second successful day at Champs Hill, after a splendid meal and night there (none of us had been to bed so early for years!); Producer Alex served us well again, keeping us on the straight and narrow... & almost all the a cappella stuff is done... Hooray!
Mary & David are such good hosts; I think we may enjoy doing this again...

Then today, we were up bright and early for a sound check at the Dorchester Ballroom, Park Lane, in preparation for being Sir Tim Rice's backing group in our hit, 'Wanderin' Star'... (accompanied on the piano by Chris Hatt). We sang a grace and a couple of cricket songs too...
Lots of money was raised for the Lady Taverners charity in this lunch in celebration of Tim... many famous names gave messages by audio and video, as well as of course, many others being there in person. Rachael Heyhoe-Flint [newly ennobled], Judith Chalmers, a sea of Rices [Tim's two brothers did a great double act & Tim's children gave him a revealing and hilarious quiz (which he passed!)], Jack Rowell, Bella Emberg, Angela Rippon, Tony Lewis, Christopher Martin-Jenkins & Mike Gatting were all there... People were meant to be sardonic and funnily horrid, but TRice being such a nice chap, this never lasted long and all ended up saying what a great friend he is, and all-round jolly fellow!
I had forgotten how central to getting ladies admitted to the MCC he was - Rachael was very moving on the subject.-

Also on the musical bill, a quick recital of oscar-winning hits from Alan Menken (glorious); and duets and solos from Tim Rice & Friends, performed by Emma Munro-Wilson & Lewis Bradley, accompanied by Duncan Waugh.

Messages came from Elaine Page, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Elton John, Sir John Major - and the lunch only overran by an hour and ten minutes!

Another life-enhancing event, celebrating a truly Great Britain...

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