Thursday, 31 March 2011


Our hotel is called the Wilderness Edge; so obviously Steve's mac decided to blow up in homage to survivalist instincts.
We played pool, table tennis and table air hockey, whilst being watched by an inquisitive deer; but after 2 hours that was enough of that!
My computer was still alive so I enjoyed watching the last 2 episodes of Danish drama The Killing, as well as episodes of Silk and Monroe...
What? We're here to work are we?
Gig tonight - but we have been told there's lots of stuff on in Pinawa tonight [population 1500] - so who knows what will happen.
Richard has been at the lights [and the lighting guy] for 2 hours yesterday, and since 10am - such fun!... so they should be spectacular.
This is the Deer capital of Manitoba, as evidenced mainly by the large amount of poo pellets all over the ground... I have seen 6 actual deer. No bears yet.
We did find that wonderful Northern American thing [in small places mainly], the espresso-coffee-shop-plus-bookshop... hoorah for that.... but I did take Mike on an excursion trying to find it... it is indeed 200 metres from the hotel.
Wilderness Edge...? ...not quite.

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