Sunday, 20 March 2011

Best of British

Three shows in Germany...
...with new show, Best of British.... Monty Python meets James Bond!
Neckarsulm - that's Neckar-sulm, not Neckars-ulm (thanks audience for pointing that out!) - firstly, and tonight back to our 'spiritual German home', Haus der Springmaus, Bonn.
Mr Chris Hatt joined us on piano for the first show.

...and a quick night of harmony at The Capitol, Mannheim inbetween, where we shared a bill with ALL4MUSIC & Die Steegmüllers, a family of singers.
After our individual sets, we all sang together at the end of the evening, the Il Divo/Céline Dion song, I believe in you.... A harmonious ending to an evening of great harmony!
We also sang Happy Birthday to my wife from the stage - she was delighted that 500 Mannheimers also wished her well & sang so loudly!

Looking forward to singing to our Bonn audience, and being amongst friends.
Our pianist for tonight will be Sam Hogarth... who happens to work in Cologne; how very convenient!

On Tuesday - v early am - we fly to the USA and Canada for two weeks...

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Anonymous said...

Just be back from your team's concert!!
Brilliant! especially the orpheus from Peter's Friends.
btw, the piano is pretty smart