Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The weather turns

This was the view out of my bedroom window when I awoke on Monday morning... lovely, but not perhaps what one expects in [even the north] of the Southern States in late March...

The snow did finally disappear, however... it felt as if this was presaging the weather in Canada, however, sitting here in Winnipeg, it is much milder, and was sunny when we arrived.

West Jefferson was a lovely community, and a very appreciative audience... and one of the best at joining in... their ra-ta-ta-ta-tas in Chanson d'amour were fff ! Also their usual lighting person was ill, and so Jim stepped into the breach, and did a splendid job. I got a bit of cycling in in the hotel gym, before we spent a day travelling up north.

The pilot on the flight from Toronto to Winnipeg was retiring after 40 years (luckily he did not decide to go out with a bang); thus, for the first time, we witnessed an airport custom, at both airports the plane was given a guard of honour by the firetrucks and given a ritual soaking.... cool!

So we are here in MB... off to Pinawa at lunchtime after a morning in Winnipeg...

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