Friday, 10 December 2010

Weather permitting...

After the glories of Eastnor Castle, we drove off early for the Eurostar train... Steve very early as he went overnight... and arrived for two concerts in Belgium; at Heist-op-de-Berg and at Heudsen-Zolder. For the second of these Chris Hatt joined us on the piano, which was a joy... with his entire family, including a new being presently hiding inside his wife. Glorious.

Both concerts went well. We were delighted to be introduced at H-Z by Fred Brouwers, the experienced Broadcaster, whom we had met at a Klara concert in January this year & also a coach-full of 50 friends from Sittard, Holland arrived courtesy of Gertie... we are blessed by our fans.

The next pair of concerts was in Switzerland, and the snow nearly thwarted us. Our flight was cancelled, and the next available with the same carrier [BA of course!] was full. Swissair came to the rescue, and we finally arrived at our first gig with 50 minutes to spare. No worries! These performances were organised by UBS, and went down tremendously well... in Wolfsberg and Thun.
Geneva airport still being closed [for the Swiss to be affected, it must have been terrible!]; we eventually got from Zurich back to the recently-reopened London City.

One day at home, with some time to enjoy England beginning to thrash Australia at cricket in Oz, and then we attempted to get to Vienna, for what has become our annual appearence at Voicemania. Luckily, despite snow being around, all was well.
We shared an evening with wonderful people in the excellent Metropol, our old friends, the fantastic male-voice quartet, INtrmzzo, who still are afraid of vowels, and some new friends the amazing Jukebox Trio from Russia.
The other two groups were on fire, and the somewhat-dangerously called long night of a cappella was a success for all of us!
We left Vienna, just as our cricketers had started pummelling the Aussies into the ground.
Now it was back to the UK.... to Clacton-on-Sea.

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Michèle said...

Nice to read that you are still doing well despite the "voice killing" weather!
I made a DVD of your concert in Heusden-Zolder and I will bring a copy to Mol next Wednesday.
See you
Michèle (BE)