Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas begins

Christmas concerts in England... how excellent.
Clacton-on-Sea has a wonderful theatre and a great community, so the gigs there are always full; they have a waiting list to join. Everyone gave us a splendid welcome, and a fine Christmas evening ensued. A similar feeling was created in Grantham in more intimate surroundings.
A rare delight for us, we were able to get back from both places by train, and were home before midnight...
The following day, we were part of the excellent A Star for Christmas, a carol concert in aid of Age UK in St Pancras Church, London. We were greeted enthusiastically, singing our multi-carol re-telling of the Nativity Story and The Twelve Days of Christmas; the rest of the cast were terrific. Compère Penny Smith introduced Sylvia Sims, Sheila Hancock, June Whitfield, Nicky Spence, Hannah Waddingham, Anton Stephens & Edward Baruwa accompanied by Choir UK (directed by Lisa Thorner), Simon James & singers, The Sylvia Young Theatre School and the Choir of The Royal School, Haslemere and, naturally, everyone excelled themselves... the packed church rang with Christmas joy.
The next day, we sang at a party in a private house... I am afraid I'd have to shoot you if I told you who, where and what it was... yes, there were a few celebs, but truly it was a party for a loving family; we were delighted to be a part of it. As the guy is especially house-proud [well, it is very newly made splendid], we could not wear shoes; so all the guests had 'animal slippers' provided; definitely the first time we have performed in puppy slippers... We managed once more to get home [in the early hours]... sleeping in our own beds... what a treat!

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