Monday, 20 December 2010

Another early start

A wonderful early evening gig at the Salisbury Playhouse last night; the audience battled through the snow, and we all had an excellent Christmas time on the set of Aladdin.

Then having again in the UK [once more this month] managed to get home that night on the train... (in my house by 10.30pm)... we got up before dawn so as to appear on BBC Radio 5Live's breakfast show. At 7.40ish and 8.40ish, we did a review of the news year, and sang the 28-carol story of Christmas in 2 minutes. The link above works today... cannot swear it will be exactly there after tomorrow.... but it should be somewhere on their site until Christmas. Great to see Nicky Campbell and Shelagh Fogarty once more; they were very jolly and appreciative, despite the news' idée fixe... transport chaos!

Eurostar are presently sorting out their weather issues, and all will be brilliantly well for our trip to Belgium on Wednesday & back on Friday.... surely...!?

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