Sunday, 7 April 2013

Le Show in Fayance

Fabulous outing for Le Show in Fayance (just a bit west of Nice in the south of France)... despite BA's best/worst efforts.  Clearly bringing my manifestly obviously-labelled bag over to Nice airport was more than they could bear... and having failed thus there was no chance of its seeing France before our show.
Luckily my orange overalls were already in Fayance, but we had to share other costumes... which did rather cut down on costume changes!  So the two-tailed, two-tuxedoed quartet was born...
The good people of Fayance took this in their stride, although it did make Moise (the light guy) laugh!

Suzette Forever had its usual effect & much fun was had... and of course being in France, and under the auspices of Jean-Marie Gardon, there was much excellent food and drink (especially enjoyed the rosé)

(For those who wish to know, my bag is presently labelled online as en route to Nice by Monday am, which is nice, as I have been home for over 24 hours... hopefully on Monday they will see my emails and/or hear my calls suggesting their parentage is in doubt...)

On the flight home, we were joined by England manager, Roy Hodgson.. of course, we all had a long in-depth natter together about Rio!

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