Saturday, 20 April 2013

Balmoral cabaret

Our first pair of shows has gone very well; we have lost our anonymity here on the Balmoral, a ship of the Fred Olsen line.
Wonderful hotel at Sharm el Sheikh, and then we boarded for a quick trip up the Red Sea towards the Suez canal, which we traversed in convoy, starting at 5am; two members of TLQ got up to watch this (not me!)...
Singing Caravan in the cabaret has never felt so apropos...
We had an excellent day exploring ancient and modern Alexandria... very enlightening.  We saw where the ancient lighthouse used to be (now the Citadel); did not see the new library... next time! (if only the ancient one had survived...
Lovely size of ship, great staff and an excellent atmosphere, despite these people having been on board for over 100 days already!
Next shows are tomorrow on British night.... altogether now...

Land of Hope and Glory,
Rain stops cricket at Lords,
Red buses and Shakespeare,
John, Paul, Ringo and George,
Tea and Monty Python,
Let's all join the queue,
God knows where we're going,
But we'll muddle through...

© Julian and Maggie Forsyth

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