Thursday, 6 December 2012

Vienna too

Apart from:

a) it starting to snow the minute I left the hotel for a mite of Christmas-stall-shopping (unluckily for me, no-one was selling Christmas stalls)


b) having to watch an older lady with a distinct and rather neatly designed moustache at my afternoon dinner (The rest of her family were not in the slightest bit surprised; perhaps there is a sort of Austrian Movember for women in December?) She looked like she was in the RAF in WWII...

Today was as gorgeous as yesterday here in the City of Music.

The audience seemed especially keen tonight on our Dick und Doof impression (Laurel and Hardy to you!) - I am still (rather unfairly in my view) cast as the fat one!

Our old friends Elizabeth and Harald came over from Salzburg too which was splendid...

On to the Bridewell Institute tomorrow for more festive fun!

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