Saturday, 10 November 2012

Wunsiedel, DE

Another excellent a cappella nacht from Magenta and Peter Martin Jacob, along with Six Pack & The House Jacks.
Splendid to see our old friends Six Pack from Germany, and to meet The House Jacks from the USA for the first time... including that a cappella powerhouse, Deke Sharon.

As ever, a brilliant mix of acts, such contrasts... Six Pack, very funny... Merlin Monroe especially!  The House Jacks all power and beatbox action (tho' with a glowing and sweet rendition of Summertime too)... they were the first beatbox vocal group... and they are very fine at it...

Wonderful moment in the bar afterwards, when Peter, being his smooth delightful self, decided to grace the Hungarian waitress with some Hungarian... the quite difficult word 'egeszegere' meaning... cheers... we all dutifully intoned this to her, and she was flattered and a little flustered by it... so much so that she dropped a tray with glasses on it on the way back to the bar... Peter was a little embarrassed, but we all knew his intentions were good... and she continued to serve us!

Back to the US tomorrow.. what fun!

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