Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fowey, Cornwall

Amazing, but quite crazily in Cantabile - The London Quartet's 30th anniversary year, we perform our first ever public concert in Cornwall.
The newly-tried Winter section of the Fowey du Maurier Festival was where we were - for the unitiated, that is pronounced 'Foy' - and it was splendid.  We gave our 'Funny Side of the Street' gig in Fowey church... and it was a Jowey (geddit?)
In fact the audience joined in with the Oweys in Lambeth Walk wonderfully (that's enough fowey jokes, Ed.)
If only it had not taken nine and a half hours to get here... I suppose we should be glad we got here at all.

Hoping that the journey home is more helpful, as we have the London EPAM Xmas party to go to.... 7.30pm at St. Mary-at-Hill Church, along with Voces8 and The Fugata Quintet... can't wait...

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