Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hever Castle

We had a splendid weather window at Hever Castle, and the rain did not come... even in the sunshine in the afternoon!  Another outing for On the Funny Side of the Street.
Not such a great evening for our Steve, who was very much under the weather, but we shielded him from harm, and the concert occurred... he was heroic to keep standing there.
The audience were delightfully jolly & ready for an evening's entertainment, even once the sun went away & it got a bit cold...
Lovely to have an extra special performance by Richard of Wanderin' Star, in full Lee Marvin mode - especially impressive as he had only just sung Bring Him Home in counter-tenor - super...
As Chris Hatt is on holiday, we were joined by another excellent pianist, Andy Massey, who had previously been with us at one of our Taj gigs last summer - great to work with him again, and he got the measure of all of the charts fantastically efficiently & played wonderfully... even being happy to be punched on stage by Mike (no contact, of course!)

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