Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dutch trip #2

We performed in another tremendous Dutch place tonight... this time in Esbeek.  The house is called Huize Rustoord, & it is stuffed to the gills with modern art and amazing objects.
All impressed by the giant Dali Menorah outside the house - other wonderful sculptures everywhere... the owner must be dead delighted when he gets another piece of art with nipples - as he has thousands on display.... painted and sculpted.

We performed once again for another part for this Dutch company, Technische Unie, as with the previous pair of concerts in April - one more tomorrow... Nieuw-loosdrecht here we come... after a lie-in.

Audience were select and excellent, and the food sublime... & even got home on time to watch most of England's winning football match against Ukraine.

England won matches in all three of our major sports today - football, cricket & rugby (OK, rugby not a full international)- didn't know that was even allowed!

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