Friday, 6 January 2012

Hoechst, DE

Our second outing of our Best of British show [for Germany] went off very well.  A sold-out theatre at Hoechst provided a very supportive audience.
Chris Hatt was with us on piano, and he has brought his wife and son with him on the trip.  Sadly the boy is nocturnal at the moment, but Chris and Sian both look good on it... and he is a happy little chap, as well as gorgeous, natch.

Carole is with us too for two days, visiting old friends in Germany, as well as seeing new songs from us!
CDs were flying away... Cricket included!
Two more nights, Bad Kreuznach and Bonn [Haus der Springmaus!] - next two days... then three more dates after our Estonia/Russia trip.

The B.o.B. show is on the road! 

PS: all together now, one last time.... I'll have a pee please, Bob
      R.I.P. Bob Holness

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