Monday, 18 July 2011

Two Surprises

Called to Oxford on Saturday for a quickie.... in the delightful surroundings of Quod Brasserie and Bar, we sang for a famous friend of ours - offspring of whom had just graduated...
Young and old, everyone was very happy to have their meal interrupted by us!
...and when were we asked about this?
Well, obviously, 5pm on the day itself...
We were lucky the weather was a bit changeable, otherwise we all might have been out on a fine summer Saturday evening... but as it was we were sheltering from the rain, and thus able to answer our phones and get to a different city.
...and all home late on the same day... well, the latest by 12.25am... cool!

...and whilst walking along the road to the restaurant, we bumped into someone else who was there in the city (for a friend's wedding), Rupert Preston-Bell and his wife Caroline... what a ridiculous serendipity that was! We will be performing at King Charles the Martyr, Tunbridge Wells for them on September 16th this year... Hope the weather stays nice for that one...

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